About This Project

Prop Art Studio was honored when asked by Church Elders to do restoration work on the Old Mariners Church  in downtown Detroit. The framing on the iconic stained glass windows was rotting.

Major rot was found in  all 13 large church windows.  This job was a case of carpentry, engineering, and artistry- all used to give new and extended life to the existing historic windows. The project began with Prop Art removing all sections of rot, down to solid wood.  The exposed wood was then sealed and stabilized with wood epoxy.  Finally, the epoxy was sculpted back to the original shape, primed and finished with paint to look as good as “old”.

Many years ago, on the southeast corner of the church, there was an air vent installed  into two of the church’s beautiful stained glass windows.  With new technology, the vents were no longer needed.  The church wanted to bring the windows back to their original look.

Prop Art Studio removed the old vent unit, cleaned up and repaired all damage incurred by the vent. Prop art Studio restored the window by using existing parts and pieces the church had saved in their archives. Prop Art then re-milled the main vertical center column and crafted two frames that held the leaded stained glass. A thing of beauty once again.