Prop Art Studio is a full service industrial commercial art studio in Detroit, MI. This award-winning studio has been designing, sculpturing and rendering larger-than-life 3D props and other productions for more than 30 years. A resource for creative needs of all sorts, Prop Art Studio has imagined custom signage, billboards, trade show materials, parade floats, museum exhibits, full body costumes, street art, stage sets and permanent displays.

Largemouth Bass


Larger Than Life

About This Project

Relying on decades of creative expertise, Prop Art Studio fashioned the world’s largest Largemouth Bass (another fish  tale) in a bout as much time as it takes to bait a hook. Its designers sculpted the fish from white foam and gave it a urethane plastic coating and a high-gloss finish.

Result: a bass look-alike that weighed 70 pounds and stretched 8 feet nose-to-tail. Landlocked anglers loved the fishy fish. Big Bass Pro Shops landed the catch-of-the-year.

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