Prop Art Studio is a full service industrial commercial art studio in Detroit, MI. This award-winning studio has been designing, sculpturing and rendering larger-than-life 3D props and other productions for more than 30 years. A resource for creative needs of all sorts, Prop Art Studio has imagined custom signage, billboards, trade show materials, parade floats, museum exhibits, full body costumes, street art, stage sets and permanent displays.

Jeep Four Door



About This Project

When JEEP was launching its 4 door Wrangler in 2007, they wanted to make a statement. What could be a bigger spectacular than a dazzling billboard in Times Square during the Christmas holidays?
But how does one get a full-sized JEEP Wrangler that weighs a ton and a half up on a billboard in Times Square? And place that giant broken Flyswatter around it?
Enter Prop Art Studio. We designed and engineered the billboard. Sculpted the replica of the Jeep Wrangler. Sculpted the flyswatter. Created the props in kit form to fit on an over the road vehicle, painted with an automotive finish and sent it to the Big Apple. It wasn’t quite that simple, but bottom line this replica Wrangler and the giant fly swatter weighed about 800 pounds verses the 3,000 pounds a real JEEP Wrangler would weigh. Prop Art Studio. Making the impossible, possible!

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