Prop Art Studio is a full service industrial commercial art studio in Detroit, MI. This award-winning studio has been designing, sculpturing and rendering larger-than-life 3D props and other productions for more than 30 years. A resource for creative needs of all sorts, Prop Art Studio has imagined custom signage, billboards, trade show materials, parade floats, museum exhibits, full body costumes, street art, stage sets and permanent displays.

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Jeep Four Door

When JEEP was launching its 4 door Wrangler in 2007, they wanted to make a statement. What could be a bigger spectacular than a dazzling billboard in Times Square during the Christmas holidays?But how does one get a full-sized JEEP Wrangler that weighs a ton and a half up on a billboard in Times Square? …

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Dinosaurs Alive!

The best-looking Tyrannosaurus Rex in about 80 million years spent the summer next to an interstate highway newar Cleveland. T-Rex didn’t eat anyone. It stood there, behaving itself, drawing attention to a billboard for Cedar Point amusement park. This T-Rex had brown skin made of sculpted from white foam with a urethane hard coat, wrapped …

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Kit Kat Clock

It was the classic Kit Kat Clock with a twist: A yellow tail, as in Yellow Tail wine. The eyes and tail moved back and forth. Hands guided by an atomic clock kept perfect time The billboards in New York and LA measured 33 feet high. In San Francisco and Chicago they were 22 feet …

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McDonald’s Egg

The McDonald’s egg is 21 feet by 14 feet and sits next to Wrigley Field. The shell cracks open slowly every morning. Inside is a yolk with a message: “Fresh Eggs Daily.” The Leo Burnett USA ad agency hatched the idea for the egg. Prop Art Studio and Metro Media Technologies (mmt) did the rest. …

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When Lay’s decided to emphasize the natural ingredients in their products, the famous chip maker decided to truly go au natural. They wanted a carved board. The wanted real wood. They wanted to recycle all the wood chips. And they hired Prop Art Studio for the unusual job. Four metro Detroit artist used chisels, mallets …

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