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Prop Art Studio is a full service industrial commercial art studio in Detroit, Michigan. This award-winning studio has been designing, sculpturing and rendering larger-than-life 3D props and other productions for more than 30 years. A resource for creative needs of all sorts, Prop Art Studio has imagined custom signage, billboards, trade show materials, parade floats, museum exhibits, full body costumes, street art, stage sets and permanent displays.


When it comes to attracting customers for your business, there are all sorts of innovative and exciting ways to make sure that your business is seen and heard. Some companies might invest in a digital marketing strategy that emphasizes social media platforms. Other organizations might be focused on affiliate marketing or throwing events that can generate interest in their products or services.

Prop Art Studio is an award-winning studio that has helped companies of all sizes with their brand messaging, unique advertising campaigns, and more. We are located in an electric car charging station that was built over 100 years ago and have remained in business for over 30 years. Here are some ways that Prop Art Studio can help your company reach more consumers than ever before.

Stage Sets And Film Sets

Prop Art Studio has been developing large props, costumes, and sets for over 30 years. We understand that it can be very difficult to capture the magic of film and stage, and go the extra mile to create detailed sets that can help bring your vision to life. Our professionals can help create the costumes, large props, and sets that you need for your next production. Prop Art Studio can create full body costumes, as well.

We are your creative resource for whatever you need, and we also specialize in creating incredible and innovative film sets and stage sets. We have been creating sets and large props for over 30 years. Prop Art Studio has created award-winning large props for decades and is always ready to take on new creative challenges.


Custom Signage

Prop Art Studio has decades of experience in creating custom signage, and we love the fact that our signs have helped companies of all sizes. There are many ways to brand a company, but the right custom sign can genuinely do wonders for a specific business. Of course, custom signage can also increase traffic to your business location by a significant amount. These signs are much more than just large props – they are great ways to advertise your business.

Custom signage often pays for itself in the long wrong, and it’s an incredible way to stand out from the competition. The right custom signage can even boost employee morale and help both employees and customers feel better about your business and how unique it chooses to be. Let us help you create custom signage that can lead to more sales, a more long-lasting impression with the customer, and increased traffic to your locations.

Trade Show Materials

Countless companies can tell you about how one trade show changed their entire trajectory. Trade shows are not just about making connections with other entrepreneurs and soliciting feedback from consumers. Trade shows are an incredible way to build relationships of all kinds that can help your business become successful down the line, and it’s also a budget-friendly way to market your products and services.

Prop Art Studio can create some unique trade show materials that can help keep your brand messaging as cohesive as possible. The right trade show materials can help garner more attention, which means a more successful trade show. Whether you require large props or trade show banners – Prop Art Studio can help.

Additional Creative Work

Prop Art Studio has been involved with some incredible projects and companies, but we can’t sum up all of our work here. Our work isn’t just limited to large props, costumes, custom signage, and trade show materials. We are incredibly proud of the fact that our professionals have also been responsible for creating costumes, street art, permanent displays, billboards, and more.

Prop Art Studio can also create large-scale creations like museum exhibits and parade floats, and we believe that creativity is one of the best ways to connect with customers. Why not use custom signage or large props as a way to stand out in the market? Whether you are looking for seasoned professionals that can help with art direction, set design, custom signage, or custom fabrication – let us know what you are looking for.

Does your business need some creative flair that can help boost its visibility, establish trust with the customer, or dazzle the general public? Prop Art Studio is the full-service industrial studio that can bring your ideas to life. We sincerely hope that you contact us for your custom creative needs. Prop Art Studio would love to help you execute a vision that leads to more clients, customers, and revenue. Contact us today!